Review all support info in order to enjoy the best UI on your preferred device. Note that is fully compatible with all major IOS and Android devices.

*BSL has a fixed-width design. Recommended desktop viewing is set at 1340px or wider to show the "well" or "grid" within its centered design.



Login Difficulties

To Reset your password click "Forgot Password?" on the Login Page.

NOTE: Too many failed login attempts or attempts to access the website with too many IP Addresses will result in a temporary suspension of your account. Please Email us at info[at] staff for immediate assistance if this happens.




Most site features, notifications, and promotions will disable if any of the following are canceled:

• Membership: no member video access (monthly recurring billing will stop)

• Unsubscribe: pricing specials, promotional codes, BTS previews, coming soon notifications, updates, upgrades & improvements will no longer be sent via email newsletter

• Unregister: promo videos & most site pages will not be viewable (the site will no longer recognize you)



iPhone Apps (Recommended)

We Ranked #1: Opera Mini

Overview: Opera Mini is iPhone's most impressive app for video-streaming sites. It's the least data-consuming app ("mini" is compression-based by default); the fastest 1080p HD video app (including  h.264); switch between Opera Mini and Opera Turbo modes. Opera Turbo is best as Opera Mini sometimes renders web pages improperly. Enable Video Boost in Turbo mode and take advantage of the menu's Advanced Settings.

*Dolphin is another good browsing app. Click here to learn more about the best IOS apps for your device.



iPad Apps (Recommended)

We Ranked #1: Mercury

Overview: Mercury has 7 search engines included by default, multi-touch gesture support, smooth page scrolling, with a quick scroll bar feature. DropBox is fully integrated. Press or hold down to download any link or image. Enhance your browsing experience by diving into the menu's Advanced Settings.

*Maxthon and Dolphin are both solid iPad browsing apps to consider. For iPod Touch users, we recommend Maxthon.



Android Apps (Recommended)

We Ranked #1: Dolphin + Dolphin Jetpack add-on

Overview: Dolphin by itself is great, but even faster with the addition of Jetpack! The UI is super modern and fully customizable, and switching between tabs is the quickest we've seen. Be sure to enable Jetpack and definitely utilize the various Settings. Note: Jetpack is currently exclusive to Android.

*The UC Browser HD or the UC Browser Mini app for Android are nice alternatives. Click here to read more about the best Android browsing apps.

*We do not recommend using the default Android web browser although BSL is compatible with Droid's default browser.



Desktop Browsers (Recommended)

The most popular web browsers for Mac and Windows users, complete with download links and reviews.

• Safari + review

• Chrome + review

• Opera + review

• FireFox + review



Safari Browser Settings (All Devices)

Safari browser must be configured as follows:

• Enable JavaScript (desktop + laptop) = Safari Menu > Preferences > Security > Web content > enable JavaScript

• Enable JavaScript (iPhone + iPad + iPod) = Settings > Safari > Advanced > Enable JavaScript

• Block Pop-ups (desktop + laptop) = Safari Menu > Preferences > Security > Web content > Block pop-up windows

• Block Pop-ups (iPhone + iPad + iPod) = Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups

• Enable Cookies (desktop + laptop) = Safari Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Always Allow

• Enable Cookies (iPhone + iPad + iPod) = Settings > Safari > Block Cookies > Always Allow

• Clear Cache (desktop + laptop) = Safari Menu > History > Clear History and Website Data > select All History > Clear History

• Clear Cache (iPhone + iPad + iPod) = Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data



Chrome Browser Settings (All Devices)

Chrome browser must be configured as follows:

• Enable JavaScript (desktop + laptop) = Chrome Menu > Preferences > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)

• Block Pop-ups (desktop + laptop) = Chrome Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Content settings > Do not allow any site to show pop-ups > Manage exceptions > add

• Block Pop-ups (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Content Settings > Block Pop-ups > On

• Enable Cookies (desktop + laptop) = Chrome Menu > Preferences > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Allow local data to be set (recommended)

• Enable Cookies (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Content Settings > Accept Cookies

• Clear Cache (desktop + laptop) = Chrome Menu > History > Show Full History > Clear browsing data > select The beginning of time > select ALL (except Content licenses)

• Clear Cache (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Privacy > Clear Cache



Opera Browser Settings (All Devices)

Opera browser must be configured as follows:

• Enable JavaScript (desktop + laptop) = Opera Menu > Preferences > Websites > Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)

• Block Pop-ups (desktop + laptop) = Opera Menu > Preferences > Websites > Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)

• Block Pop-ups (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Block Pop-ups

• Enable Cookies (desktop + laptop) = Opera Menu > Preferences > Privacy & security > Allow local data to be set (recommended)

• Enable Cookies (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Accept Cookies

• Clear Cache (desktop + laptop) = Opera Menu > History > Show All History > Clear Browsing Data > select The beginning of time > select ALL (except Clear saved passwords and Clear saved autofill data)

• Clear Cache (mobile + tablet) = Menu Icon > Settings > Clear > Clear Cookies and Data



FireFox Browser Settings (All Devices)

FireFox browser must be configured as follows:

• Enable JavaScript (desktop + laptop) = type about:config in address bar> click I'll be careful, I promise button > search javascript.enabled > right-click > Toggle

• Block Pop-ups (desktop + laptop) = FireFox Menu > Preferences > Content > Block popup windows > Exceptions > add

• Enable Cookies (desktop + laptop) = FireFox Menu > Preferences > select Use custom settings for history > Accept cookies from sites (always -- until they expire)

• Enable Cookies (Android) = Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Enable Accept Cookies

• Clear Cache (desktop + laptop) = FireFox Menu > History > Clear Recent History > select Everything > select ALL (except Active Logins)



Improve Video Playback

Video playback and buffering should be instant! Review the following suggestions for seamless video playback:

1. Always have your device's software, browsers, and apps updated to latest versions.

2. Check and confirm your device’s connectivity:

• Desktop + Laptop: for maximum video-streaming performance, connect your device to a router using a CAT6 ethernet cable (or better).

• Mobile + Tablet: enable Wi-Fi & disable all other shared Wi-Fi connected devices ONLY if your Wi-Fi connection is stronger than your device's data plan.

3. Close down all needless programs & tabs -- never bog down your device's memory, especially while streaming HD videos.

4. Follow the steps listed here to improve your router's overall performance (see method for 'Optimizing Your Router for Video Streaming').

5. Contact your ISP and request a manual router reset from tech support. You can also try resetting your network router from home.



Hard Refresh

The best way to refresh a web page is to key a hard refresh. For mobile devices, a page refresh is the simplest way to view the latest (non-cached) version of web pages.

• Mac: Command+R

• Windows: Control+F5

• Mobile + Apps: Tap Reload button in browser address bar

*FireFox desktop web browser has an address bar add-on available for download.


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